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So you're considering renting Abby's Lake House - Wonderful! We love our time at Abby's and think that you will too. The next set of pages will walk you through the steps to insure Abby's is the right match for you. By going through these steps you are not committing to anything, and you can stop at any time.

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Abby's Lake House can accommodate up to 8 people (including children) comfortably. If there are more than 8 people in your party, please consider looking for accommodations elsewhere. We do not allow cots or air mattresses. The main responsible person for your party (main signature on lease agreement) must be 21 years old or older. This person must be one of the guests. All guests 18 years old or older must read and sign the lease agreement. Each adult is responsible for understanding and following the items in the lease agreement.

What Our Guests Say...

Lots of things to do.
This week was very fun to stay at Abby's Lake House. I enjoyed fishing, kayaking, going on fun trips, lazing around, and just having fun. Will, dad and I did not catch anything when fishing but we still had fun. We went to Steamtown one day. We got a ride on the train. We walked around the museum and went to the Steamtown Mall. Then we walked to the Cooper's (a fish place) for dinner. We also tried to go to Salt Springs State park but it rained. We also went to Rails-to-Trails by the viaduct. It was so bumpy and hard to ride. Will fell off his bike, so we went back to the car. We went to Lackawanna State Park. It was sunny and a good day to take a hike. We decided to take the Orchard Trail. We took our dog, Porter. He had a lot of fun. The whole family did. On our last day we wanted to do something really fun. The family decided to do the coal mine tour. We got there just in time. We got the last tour of the day. Our guide was named Kyle. He told us all about the mine and its workers. On our way out of our tour we got front row seats. Going out we walked over to the gift shop. I picked out a big blue geode. Will picked out a bunch of rocks. We drove to Mazar's Bridgeview Restaurant. We had fun out at dinner. But no trains went by on the viaduct. The rest of the week we did stuff around the house. One thing we learned was how to play Racko. So over all, as you can see we had a good week at Abby's Lake House. See ya. --- This was written by Sam F. I am 9 years old. I am in fourth grade at SJE, Morrisville, PA.

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If you or anyone in your party has any questions, please contact us - we're always happy to help.

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