We are Pet Freindly

Dogs love Abby's

When you go on vacation, you should relax and enjoy yourself. How can you relax when your pet is somewhere else? Our pets are part of our lives. So bring your entire family on vacation! Your pet is welcome to stay with you at Abby's Lake House.

Guests with dogs on the lake

Most of the pets that stay at Abbys Lake House are dogs. However, we have had a cat, a hawk and a parrot join their human companions for rest and relaxation. Although we cannot accommodate horses at Abbys Lake House, we do work with an equestrian farm located less than 3 miles away where you can board your horse, find riding companions, and gather trail information.

There is a qualification process (just talk to one of the owners), Pet Addendum to the lease, and a low pet fee required for each pet. The Pet Addendum gathers some basic information about your pet, sets expectations, and covers some basic pet policies. The pet fee is $25 per pet, for 2 to 4 night stays and $50 for 5 to 7 night stays.

Pet-Friendly Features

Abbys Lake House has a few pet friendly amenities. We hope to add more as our budget allows.

  • Run line - Between the house and the lake is a "Run Line". This is a 75 foot cable connected to two trees in the yard. You can bring your own tie out cable or use one of the two that we provide. Your pet can safely play in the 75 foot grassy area between the two trees.
  • Tie out cables - Two tie out cables are provided. Both cables are for large dogs which means that the clips on the ends may be a bit large for very small pets. One cable is 10 feet long and restrains your pet to land only. The other cable is 20 feet long and will allow your pet to reach the edge of the lake.
  • Pet safe ice melt - Pet safe ice melt is used on our walkways and is provided in a 5 gallon bucket inside the small garage. You may also see salt in the garage, we use it only in the parking area between the garages and the road. Dogs love to stay herer
  • Baby gates - There's a baby gate on the screened in porch. It's provided just in case you need to insist that your pet stay in particular areas of the house. Sometime we like to keep our dogs downstairs so we put the gate at the top of the stairs. Other times our dogs are still a little damp from playing in the lake. We open the door to the porch but put up the baby gate. This allows the dogs to feel like they are with us but restricts them to the porch until they are completely dry.
  • Poop bags - In the kitchen, hanging on the pantry door knob, is a fabric sleeve containing plastic grocery bags. Please feel free to use them as "poop bags". Place the filled, knotted bag directly in an outside garbage can located between the two garages.
  • Pet Towels - Colorful beach towels are located in the downstairs bathroom in the bench and at the bottom of the first white cabinet. These towels can be used to dry off your pet, use as a blanket for your pet, or to provide a ground mat in front of the fireplace. Prior dog guests have enjoyed resting in front of our gas fireplace. There's a small fan that blows warm air about 2 feet in front of the fireplace and down to the floor. It's a sweet spot for canine comfort.
  • Stainless Steel Pet Dishes - In the kitchen, in the cabinet under the wall oven, there are a few stainless steel pet dishes available for pet guests use while staying at Abbys Lake House. These dishes are dishwasher safe but they are NOT microwave or oven safe.
  • Skunk Kit - This is a "just in case" kit. If your dog has ever been sprayed by a skunk, you know that horrible smell. Skunk odor is oil based. This means that everything your dog touches or rubs - including you will smell bad too. The best way to deal with a skunk-sprayed dog is to neutralize the oil. Penn State University developed a "Recipe" that does just that. The Skunk Kit includes the recipe and all the ingredients needed in case of a skunk encounter.