Improvements and Projects

We have been working steadily to improve and upgrade Abby's Lake House. Below you can see some before and after pictures and read about what we have done. We were working hard this year to update and increase the landscaping. This included planting a perenial bed of herbs. Alas the cold weather closed in, so this effort had to pause. We'll be back at it next spring, so look for pictures of the new growth.

Stone Patio/Walkway

Before After
broken flag stone broken flag stone
broken flag stone broken flag stone

The old walkway had a lot of years on it. What was once level bluestone had broken and cracked. Years of winter frost heave had lifted and sunk some of the stones. We pulled out all the old stone and (with some reuse) replaced the bedding and stones in the whole area from the walkway by the road down to the lakeside yard. Thanks alot for all the help Bill!

Electrify the Pergola

While we were doing all that digging, we ran two power lines and added 5 outdoor outlets around the pergola.

Official Lake Removal Station

outside rinse shower

Whether you want to rinse after a dip in the lake, or get a cooling spritze while sunbathing, you are all set with our "Official Lake Removal Station". With Bill's help (again) we set up a outside shower. But fear not that you are in for a icy blast of well water. We installed a tempering valve that mixes just enough hot water to make for a refreshing spray of cool water. We also added a valve down low for washing feet and rinsing boots.


Before After
unstable dock stable one peice dock

Originally the dock was a two piece affair. But as you walked on the two squares they would shift up and down and side to side. Also if you were on the corner of either of the independent squares it would really dip. We secured the two sections together and added some cleats to tie off boats. The dock is now rock solid and hardly moves no matter where you stand or walk.