Abby's Lake House Personalized Services

In order to make your stay even better, we offer the following personalized services that may interest you.

Boating Lessons

Along with all of the other accoutrements, Abby's Lake House rental includes the use of a large Canoe, a one person Kayak and a Sunfish Sailboat (experienced sailors only). Life vests are also provided. Sound like fun? Never tried it? Clay can provide private boating lessons. Just a couple hours of instruction will have you enjoying the lake in a whole new way.

  • Boating basics and safety: $35 (minimum age requirement: 12 yrs)

Grocery shopping service

Your on vacation and don't want to spend time shopping in an unfamiliar grocery store. No problem. Lori can shop for you. Simply email Lori your list. She'll do the shopping and stock the lake house pantry and refrigerator. It will all be there ready for your arrival.

  • Basic Groceries (1 Store): Cost of groceries plus $10 Additional Stores: $5
  • Example 1: Milk, Bread, Eggs, Coffee, Butter, Beer, Wine
  • Cost plus $20 ($10 Grocery + $5 Beer Store + $5 Liquor Store)
  • Specialty Store: Cost plus $25
  • Example 2: Kona Coffee (not available at local grocery stores)

Note: Abby's Lake House rental includes items such as salt, pepper, sugar, herbs & spices, ketchup, mustard, coffee filters, toilet paper, paper towels, laundry detergent, and garbage bags.

In-house Dining and brown bag lunches

Planning a busy week of activities? Wish someone else would cook? Just let us know, we can arrange (in advance) for any and all meals to be prepared. From basic home-style breakfasts to scrumptious gourmet dinners, just let us know what you're craving. Going on an all-day outing skiing, hunting, cycling? We can provide brown bag lunches to take along or a slow cooker full of hot, filling stew or chili that holds for your return. No obligation estimates are available upon request.

Guided nature hikes and mushroom forays

Clay and Lori offer guided nature hikes and wild mushroom forays on their "100 Acre Wood". The forested mountain offers a variety of trails and terrain. Large red and white oak, maple, and beech trees provide the main forest canopy. Understory includes witch hazel, stripped maple, chestnut, mountain laurel and birch. During the summer and fall the wide assortment of fungi will surprise you. Some animals commonly seen include whitetail deer, chipmunks, grey squirrels, little red squirrels, black squirrels, fishers (mink-like critter), porucpines, racoons, opposums, bald eagles, wild turkeys, ruffled grouse, pheasants, woodpeckers, salamanders, turtles, and frogs.

Nature hikes and forays are customized to fit our guests' needs, and as such are individually priced. Please contact us for more details.

Function and event management and catering

Abby's Lake House is a great place to entertain. Small gatherings for business or pleasure can be held on the pergola overlooking the lake, inside the house or in the large garage, depending on your needs. We can provide any type of catering services from informal barbeques to a buffet or a gourmet meal; it's your call. If your event needs music or an announcer, consider our DJ, Karaoke or Master of Ceremonies. No obligation estimates are available upon request.

Note: When holding events at Abby's Lake House, you must notify the owners in advance.