Outside Around the Lake House

Here are some pictures from around the Abby's Lake House. The Lot to the north of the lake house is tree covered and shady during the heat of the day. Plenty of room to spread out and relax. You can enjoy the views from the Pergola or sun bath on the bluestone slab in the yard or on the dock. Plenty of room to fish while others are swimming near the dock.

Stone patio and entrance from parking Patio and purgola
Looking from the parking area down to the lake. Front door looking to Pergola after a brief rain shower.
View from Purgola Pergola view
View from the Pergola to the dock. Looking down the lake from the Pergola.
Looking to 2nd lot Lake removal station
The yard goes all the way to the far trees. Lake removal station, rinse off after a swim, or cool off while sunning.
Lake house from dock House from 2nd lot
View of the house and Pergola from the dock. A Fire pit for your marshmallow toasting pleasure. North side of the house.
North side of house potting shed on 2nd lot
North side of the house, looking to the lake. Potting shed on the north side of the house.
Yard on North side of house Bird feeder next to picture window
Yard on North side of House. Run line for dogs is next to door leading from screen porch. Bird feeder in front of picture window.
View out the picture window Far end of lake, looking back
View from picture window. Looking toward Abby's Lake House from far end of the lake.
Sunset on the lake Patio to parking
Enjoy the sunsets from the Pergola. Looking from the yard to the parking area.
Far end of lake midlake
Far end of lake looking toward Abby's Lake House. Note the peninsula on the left side, mid lake with the tin roofed grill pit. This picture is from that mid lake peninsula, looking toward the Abby's Lake House. You can't see it but the cottage you see in the center right is across the lake from Abby's.